Pedro Sepúlveda Cruz Coke

ENTER VR Pedro Sepúlveda Cruz Coke lives and works in Mexico City. As a performer, he is part of the MIL M2 collective, which since 2017, as nomads, has sought dialogue with different places in South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Today, in the middle of political, social, economic, health and environmental crises, MIL M2 […]

Alberto Bustamante

ENTER VR Alberto Bustamante frequently known on the Internet as Mexican Jihad. Architect, creative director, activist and DJ from Oaxaca, Mexico. Based in CDMX. My interests include: club culture, homosocial history, prehispanic art, psychedelic plants, queer theory, propaganda and the occult. I’m currently working as a consultant for the music and entertainment industries, doing a […]

Angela Kobelt

ENTER VR Angela Kobelt is a theater maker, production manager and educator. Her work focuses on performing arts in public spaces, performative audio walks and multimedia spectacles. As a founding and board member of Kulturkosmos Leipzig e. V., she has become an expert in leading multidisciplinary teams over the years.   She is passionate about […]

Kenji Paisley Hortensia

ENTER VR Kenji Parsley Hortensia born in Arpajon/ France but from a family of Martinique and Guadaoupe, he is 22 years old and lives in Marseille, giving Hip Hop classes and producing his own music. He began his artistic career after the baccalaureat, participating in the frame of the artistic Campus Sup de Sub in […]

Isabel Tueumuna Katjavivi

ENTER VR Isabel Tueumuna Katjavivi (b. 1988, New Haven, CT, USA) is a Namibian multimedia artist. She uses art as a tool for self healing, exploring trauma, negotiating identity and inter-generational memory. Katjavivi focuses on two subject matters – memory and the OvaHerero Genocide (1904-1908), using photography, moving image, clay sculptures and material from sites […]

Juliana Marquez Villacís

ENTER VR Juliana Márquez Villacís is a diploma industrial designer from Colombia and studied Art in Context at the UdK Berlin until 2022, where she specialises in artistic work with social groups and cultural institutions. She coordinates projects such as the travelling cinema “Cinema Nomada” in Panama and Colombia and the cinema cabaret in Leipzig. […]

Maria Cristina Rizzo

ENTER VR Cristina Kristal Rizzo is a dance maker and artist based in Florence. Along with her artistic production she has developed an intense activity of conferences, workshops, theoretical writings and mentoring at some of the best European masters for choreography. Her interests concern choreography in an expanded field, something that she has approached through […]

Salvo Lombardo

ENTER VR Salvo Lombardo is a choreographer and multimedia artist, curator and independent researcher. Artistic director of Chiasma (Rome). His research moves between dance, theater and visual arts and is positioned in-between theories and practices. In 2017-18 he was an associate artist at the Oriente Occidente Festival (Rovereto). In 2019-21 he was co-curator of Resurface […]

Bastian Sistig

ENTER VR Bastian Sistig, theatre artist based in Berlin, is currently busy with the topic of participatory restitution by working together with Grassi Museum in Leipzig and the artists Rehema Chachage and Valerie Asiimwe Amani on the project BERGE VERSETZEN. In his latest theater works children were teaching the audience how to excuse themselves and […]

Thadeusz Tischbein

ENTER VR Thadeusz Tischbein is a Germany-based video artist. He is interested in cruel intersections of history and everyday live. In his films he often uses documentary material along with models and archival material to develop a fictionalized version of a documentary, a forensic speculation. His 2017 video essay SNOW WHITE (2K Cinemascope, 19:40 min) […]