Juliana Marquez Villacís

Juliana Márquez Villacís is a diploma industrial designer from Colombia and studied Art in Context at the UdK Berlin until 2022, where she specialises in artistic work with social groups and cultural institutions. She coordinates projects such as the travelling cinema “Cinema Nomada” in Panama and Colombia and the cinema cabaret in Leipzig. For the design of the “Sperrgebiet” cube as part of the Expedition 4×6 project, she created large-format plant prints of died-out plants together with the Schaubühne. She is currently working on the conception, materialisation and production of her own projects, cooperating with various organisations and actors. Her work focuses on the search for reconnection with nature and awareness of it – all in response to the need to recognise oneself as a human being, as an animal, as part of a natural ecosystem.

Juliana Márquez Villacís



In Plants Watching Us for May Town in Zetkin Park, she proposes a change of perspective: Can a different narrative of history emerge from nature’s point of view, one that changes hierarchies and allows for other narratives? That moves us towards a different idea of the future? But, who would be the subject of this new story?

Digital space sequence


When the person enters juliana’s space he/she sees the following: the person feels in the middle of a banana plantation. A plantation that has no end, that is as if infinite. The person begins a journey underneath the banana trees and everywhere he looks, he always sees trees. There is a moment in this tour, when the person looks up, and what he sees is a greenhouse roof (like the roof of the Crystal Palace in London) and at that moment a small plane comes to a stop and sprays the plantation with chemicals. Along the way, some of the trees have bunches of banana trees. Some of them are packed in blue bags. Along the way, as the person enters this space, he/she sees some images (drawings) accompanied by some texts that appear among the trees. These images and texts are from drawings that Juliana made.